Behind the scenes: Sabino Papagna - Vantik
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Behind the scenes: Sabino Papagna

Sabino moved from Zurich to Berlin to join the forces of building a retirement savings product for the next generation.

What are you most excited about when going to work in the morning?

New challenges in general. I enjoy finding solutions with latest technology trends when we encounter problems.

What did you do before joining Vantik?

The past 7 years I’ve been working at consulting companies in the financial field.

When did you start thinking about your retirement savings?

I first started thinking about retirement savings when I was living in Switzerland. There I realized that you get a tax exemption when you save for retirement - so obviously that’s what I did. Seriously though, as Italian I’m kind of forced to think about retirement. The system currently doesn’t give you enough money to live off from later on.

Why did you want to become part of Vantik?

The flexibility that Vantik offers their customers is exactly what I was looking for in an retirement savings product. You can change countries at any time, pause your savings and overall are always in full control.
Also I've always worked at corporate companies, where technology is often pretty outdated and not open source. At Vantik I get the chance to choose new technology tools (open source tools) and get to experiment with new trends.

What do you like most about your work and why?

It’s creative. I have full control of the architecture and implementing new features. Connecting with external services, comparing and finally choosing which ones to use is also very interesting.

If you could have a superpower - what would it be?

Time traveling!

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