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A retirement account for the independent

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The first retirement account that fits your needs. Easy, flexible & secure.


Save whatever, whenever

How much you save is completely up to you: Either monthly or yearly, automatically or manually - you decide. And if you hit a rough patch, you can always pause your payments for as long as you like.

Complete freedom

If your plans change, your finances stay flexible. You can withdraw some or all of your savings anytime you want to. No additional costs and no questions asked.


Transfer extra money to your Vantik account at anytime. Without additional costs.

Pause monthly savings

It’s easier to go fast if you have good breaks. If you need a break, you can always pause your payments or skip them. As often as you want to.

Save what’s left

Automatically save a slice of whatever remained from last months salary or invoices.

Let your money work for you

Your money is invested in a global portfolio. This way you can profit from a strong pension later on. Your savings grow on their own, while you sit back and relax.

Safety first

When it comes to your retirement there's simply no room for feeling uneasy. The value of your invested money can fluctuate, but when you retire all your savings are secured. The Vantik Security Buffer® makes sure of that.

Retire gradually

You decide when exactly and how fast you want to retire. That's why you can decide, if you want to get your Vantik savings as a one-time payment, monthly income or paid out at your own pace. However you want it.


Vantik is coming soon

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We’re building Vantik together

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