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  • Flexible payments & withdrawals
  • Sustainable investing
  • Protected pension

Flexible payments & withdrawals

You’re never obliged to make deposits. How much you save is in your hands and you can change your mind anytime. Monthly transfers are adjusted or toggled with a few taps.

Sustainable Investments

Your money is invested in a global and sustainable portfolio. This way you can profit from a strong pension later on. Your savings grow on their own, while you sit back and relax.

Protected pension

Your retirement income has an extra layer of protection against large scale downturns, like a global recession. It’s likely you’ll end up with profits but, just in case, we protect the sum of your investments when converted into a pension.

Before Vantik I almost did not deal with the topic of retirement savings. Although I always knew it was extremely important, it just seemed way too complicated and intransparent to me.

Anna, 29
Munich · Event Manager ∙

“Hassle-free and pension-fund, finally these two are compatible!”

Bojan, 29

With Vantik I have full control over my retirement savings from anywhere in the world and I can always decide for myself when and how much money I want to pay in.

Maurice, 22

"For me, Vantik is ideal because I can get my pension from anywhere. I myself live in two countries and with Vantik I have the opportunity to plan for my future and to shape it as I need it in BOTH countries."

Andreas, 46

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