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A modern retirement account, built together

The world of finance has changed a lot in recent years. But until now, the biggest problem has remained unsolved: retirement savings. That’s the one we’re working on.


A broken industry

Retirement savings today are impossible to understand, full of middlemen and hidden costs. We're changing that by treating you fairly, cutting out the middleman and leaving out financial jargon.


How Vantik started


A new kind of retirement account, driven by a great vision.

Vantik co-founder Lara knew early on that she should be saving money for her retirement. The inflexible and expensive solutions on offer only led to years of procrastination. That changed when she met Til, a longtime banking and insurance consultant. Together they figured out a way to build the first customer friendly retirement account.

In the heart of Berlin Lara and Til now work side by side on a retirement account made for how you live today.

"The insurance industry will never change itself, that's why we're building a new solution."
Til, Founder
"We're so used to being paralysed in our decision making when it comes to retirement savings – somebody has to put an end to it.”
– Lara, Founder

The Vantik Approach


Retirement savings should be easy enough for you to take decisions without an advisor.


Saving for your retirement must be 100% adaptable to your life.


We want you to stay with us long-term because we're good at what we do. Not because of a binding contract that gives you no other choice.


Your money needs to work for you. Not for the bank.


Investing in your retirement needs to be a safe bet you can rely on.


Having everything digitally is great, but there always needs to be someone you can talk personally to.

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