Common questions about the Vantik Buffer

Common Questions

Why is the Buffer important?

The aim of the Vantik Fund is to create meaningful profits at low risk. However, like any fund invested the capital market it’s still exposed to large economic downturns — this is why we created the Buffer. Its sole purpose is to protect your retirement savings since simply waiting out a recession might not be an option.

How do you define “retirement income” exactly?

Your retirement income is the result of the total money you’ve saved plus potential profits. With Vantik, you usually receive the entire sum paid in one fell swoop upon retirement. If you prefer to receive a monthly pension, you’ll be able to arrange this in the future with one of our partners. In short, it’s totally up to you,  if you want to have your savings transferred to your account as a one-time payment or as a monthly retirement income.

Does the Buffer protect my contributions before I retire?

No, before you reach your selected retirement age the value of your investments will follow the performance of the Vantik Fund. Therefore you should only invest large amounts of money after understanding the fundamental risks of investing.

When is my retirement date?

Per default, we assume your official retirement age. However,  you are able to choose your own retirement date, and it can fall on any day from the age of 55 upwards. You can change this date as many times as you want but choosing a new date requires it to be 5 years from today. For example, assume you turned 60 today and you'd like to change your retirement date. It would have to be set on a date after your 65th birthday.

What does the protection cost?

1% of each deposit is put directly into the Buffer. This is a one time fee: After making a deposit it’s protected until your retirement date, at no additional cost. For example, if you transfer €100 to your Vantik account, €1 is transferred to the Vantik Trust. €99 goes straight into your invested savings but your retirement baseline is raised by the full €100.

If I withdraw money, do I get back my contributions to the Buffer?

No. Contributions to the Buffer is done per transfer.

Does the Buffer also protect profits I’ve made?

No, only what you’ve contributed (minus potential withdrawals) is protected. The sole purpose of the Buffer is to drastically reduce the risk of losing money at the point of your retirement.

Where does the money in the Buffer come from?

All our customers contribute a one-time fee of 1% of their deposits. This model has the benefit of growing proportionally with our customer base and the savings they invest.

Where is the money in the Buffer kept?

The Security Buffer will in future be kept and managed by an independent foundation, the Vantik Foundation. Until the foundation is established, 1% of your payments will be paid to Vantik as a fee. This we deduct automatically as a "disagio" on your deposits. Vantik will fully transfer these fees to the Vantik Foundation as soon as it has been set up.

Does the Vantik Company make money from the Buffer?

No, not a single cent, and it never will. All the money put in the Buffer is solely used for the purpose of protecting our customers savings.

Do I have to do anything to protect my retirement income?

No, your retirement baseline is automatically created and protected. All you have to do is make deposits.

Is it obligatory to pay in to the Buffer when I make deposits?

Yes, the 1% contribution per deposit is obligatory.

Is there a risk that the Buffer runs out of money?

Yes, because we can not predict the future. However, we can analyse the past and make projections based on it. From this perspective, it’s extremely unlikely that the Buffer ends up in this situation. That being said, it’s possible. This is why you won’t find the word “guarantee” in any of our documents or marketing.

What happens if the Buffer can’t fully reimburse all customers retirement baseline?

It's unlikely but in an extreme case, the Buffer can end up with too little money to reimburse customers contributions fully. In this scenario it will evenly split its current worth between the customers who have a balance lower than their retirement baseline.

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