Team - Vantik

The Team

We are a tightly knitted team who works hard to make our ambitious ideas reality. Let's make retirement savings effortless. Together.

Til Klein

Managing Director

When Til, the ex-consultant, is not working on optimizing the financial product or talking to investors, he's playing with his dog in the Swiss alps.

Lara Hämmerle

Managing Director

Lara is the one you can reach out to when you want to talk about the Product, Marketing, baking and of course: dogs.

Sabino Papagna

Chief Technology Officer

The Metro fanatic Sabino is Vantik's machine learning brain. After a lot of hesitation, he's finally become a dog lover (but only if they're quiet and look cute).

Olaf Keese

Chief Investment Officer

Olaf, coming from Sparkasse, is our Retirement-Guru. When he's not spending time with his 3 kids, he's sitting on trains between Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

Malte Schonvogel


If he wasn't a programmer, he'd be a carpenter. Of course, the commonality is passion for craft: Making sure all pieces fit snuggly, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Erik Collinder


Born in the outskirts Stockholm and as Swedish as they come. It's covered by a faux British accent but he still loves sailing and flat-pack furniture. Erik is responsible for optimising the look and functionality of Vantik.

Leandra Ullrich

Content Creator

Leandra decodes the financial lingo, so that the less financial savvy people understand what an ETF is supposed to be.

Marcel Azeroth


Marcel is a startup dating coach. his job is to make people fall in love with Vantik. He likes postmodern poetry, splatter movies and spends most of his free time in the subway.

Marius Bloch


Besides tinkering with finance models in excel, Marius makes sure that the startup and finance world come together.

Our partners

We couldn't do it alone. And even if we could, we wouldn't want to. Our partners and advisors help us navigate through the jungle of retirement planning.

Martina Backes

Actuarial mathematics

Michael Gillessen


Pierre Girardet

Investment Manager

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann

Youth and trend research

Uwe Rieken

Asset Manager

Heiko Kretschmer

Public Relations

Dierk Wilhelmsmeyer

Partner Bank

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Schwintowski

Insurance and banking laws

Our philosophy


Investing into your private pension must be 100% adaptable to your life.


A pension plan has be explained in a way that everyone can understand what's going on.


We want you to stay with us long-term because we're good at what we do. Not because of a binding contract that gives you no other choice.


Your money needs to work for you. Not for the bank.


Investing in your retirement needs to be a safe bet you can rely on.


Having everything digitally is nice, but there always needs to be someone you can talk personally to.