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What happens with the money in your Vantik account?

The Vantik fund aims to offer a fair return at low risk and low cost - similar to what we knew with a “savings book”. So what happens if you save with Vantik? Your money is invested sustainably into the Vantik fund from the first Euro you save.

The Vantik fund is a diversified portfolio. It includes sustainable and low-risk investments. These are selected using ESG criteria (Environmental, social, governance). This way your investment grows sustainably and long-term. In addition, your savings are protected with the Vantik security buffer when you retire.

The fund targets to allocate its funds in the following way:

60% Stocks

Your share in thousands of companies worldwide

Stocks are shares in a company. You directly profit from the development of these companies. The Vantik fund invests your savings into more than 7,000 companies in Europe (20%), North America (20%) and Asia/Emerging Markets (20%) that meet certain ESG standards.

10% Real Estate

Residential and commercial properties

Real estate is a symbol for long-term and stable value retention. The Vantik fund invests into real estate investment trusts with a strong focus on sustainable building technologies.

5% Commodities

Clean Water

We invest into sustainable companies that are engaged in providing clean drinking water. These are typically rather independent from the development of the capital markets.

25% Bonds

Loans to states and companies

Bonds are loans to large companies and public institutions. Those pay interest for their loans. Vantik exclusively invests in bonds for investment grade European debtors who meet our ESG standards.

Due to the daily development of the different parts of the fund, the actual asset allocation can differ from the target allocation. For operational reasons, the fund can also maintain a minor cash reserve.

Vantik stands for sustainability

The Vantik fund invests sustainably. For shares and corporate bonds it follows certain ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance) to ensure sustainability. Excluding investment in companies which contribute excessively to climate change is especially important to us. In the areas of real estate and commodities we also have ESG criteria in place. In the area of government bonds we only invest in bonds from EU countries, that are among the top 50 of the Environmental Performance Index.

Exclude companies that are harmful to the climate

No nuclear industry

No tabacco industry

No weapons industry

Vantik Investment Principles

Target return

The Vantik Funds aim is to help you retire with more money than you could have saved on your own. The target is to bring you over 3.5% per year after all costs. That means an investment made today will have doubled after 24 years or tripled after 38 years.

Long-term security

Your money is carefully invested all over the world, in a vast array of industries. We do this to place our eggs in as many baskets as possible, thereby avoiding reliance on the performance of a singular market, company, country or currency. The financial term for this is portfolio diversification, a Nobel Prize winning strategy by Harry Markowitz.

Low cost

Low cost means more return for you. This is why we keep our operations as lean as possible. Also, all funds (Exchange-Traded Funds or ETFs) nested within Vantik’s Fund have extremely low maintenance costs. Less money to middlemen means more money for you. The Vantik fund has an annual cost of 1.21% p.a.


The Vantik Fund focuses on responsible investing in companies that follow the so-called ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria and comply with the U.N. Global Compact principles. This means, for example, that with Vantik you don't invest in companies that support coal energy, tobacco or the weapon industry.

Understanding the risks of investing
Please be aware that the Vantik Fund is an investment and as with any form of investing your money is at risk. That means that the value of your savings in the Vantik Fund can go up as well as down, day by day, year by year. Historically, the risk of losing money decreases the longer you keep your money invested. Additionally, the Buffer reduces the risk of losing money at retirement significantly. However, this protection does not cover withdrawals before you retire.

Additionally, you can find more information about risk in our Preliminary Information and Key Investor Information Documents.

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Disclaimer: Your Vantik account is an investment. When you put money in your Vantik account your balance can decrease as well as increase. We created the security buffer to add another layer of security and decrease the risk of losing money. However, you need to be aware that you could also make a loss